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Circulating Coinage Produced by the United States Mint

Though there are a large number of silver, gold, and platinum bullion coins manufactured by the US Mint today, the main function of the United States Mint is to produce circulating coinage for use in trade and commerce. Though producing no coins, the headquarters of the US Mint is in Washington, D.C. Coins are currently produced at the US Mint branch locations, the main one of which is in Philadelphia. The Denver Mint branch, the San Francisco Mint branch, and the West Point Mint branch are the other current branches of the United States Mint.

Historic Branches of the United States Mint

Along with the current branches, the US Mint has had production facilities in Carson City, New Orleans, Charlotte, and Dahlonega, Georgia. At one time a branch was even extant in the US Territory of the Philippines. The US Mint uses "mint marks" to denote the production facility. For example, coins struck in Denver (and at Dahlonega) feature a "D" mint mark, San Francisco coins have an "S" mint mark, the "O" mint mark was used for New Orleans coins, "CC" was for Carson City, and "C" was for coins made at the Charlotte branch. The Philadelphia branch has always been the main branch of the United States Mint. As such, most coins struck here feature no mint mark, though for a short time the "P" mint mark was used.

Collecting United States Coins

Collecting numismatic coinage is a extremely popular hobby in America. Many collectors prefer to cover a wide swath of US coinage, and own pieces of all denominations going back to the early years of the United States. Other collectors prefer to concentrate on one type of coin, and attempt to collect every available date and mint mark from that series. Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, and United States Gold Coins are popular targets of the latter group. The condition of a circulation coin, known as the coin grade, is also very important for collectors. Whereas many issues are relatively common in the poor grades, high-grade coins can be extremely rare and extremely expensive.

How Do I Buy Collectible Coins Made by the United States Mint?

Fortunately, getting started with collecting coins is not difficult, nor expensive. Walk into any local coin shop and you will see a range of US coins available for purchase, from modern US State Quarters to 150 year old gold coins. New collectors often begin by buying collectible coins in lower grades, then work their way up to higher grades and rarer dates and mint marks. Though US Mint gold and silver coins are commonly collected, there is a large community that concentrates on copper cents, and nickels, as well. The approach you take will be influenced by your available time and budget, as well as by the coins that are of interest to you.

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