Peace Silver Dollar (VG+) 1921-1928, 1934-1935

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Weight: 26.73 grams
Diameter: 38.1 mm
Mint: United States Mint
Fineness: .900
Year: Various
Edge: Reeded

With production of silver dollars mandated by the Pittman Act, 1921 saw the resumption of silver dollar manufacture in the United States. Morgan Silver Dollars were first struck that year, but quickly replaced by a new design, the Silver Peace Dollar. The new coin was so popular, the general public waited in line outside banks and mint facilities in order to buy Peace Silver Dollars as shipments arrived.

Buying Peace Silver Dollars has been common among collectors for decades, and only a small number of dates in the series have scarce issues. CBMint is the best place to buy Peace Dollars online -- in addition to the best prices in the industry, we obtain our shipments direct from official distributors, ensuring the quality and authenticity of each coin.

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Condition of Silver Peace Dollars

This listing is for circulated Silver Peace Dollars in Very Good or better (VG+) condition. When you buy Silver Peace Dollars online from CBMint in this grade, we guarantee that each coin is in the condition stated, or better.

Mint Dates of Silver Peace Dollars

When you buy Peace Silver Dollar coins online in VG+ condition, the coins are chosen at random out of our inventory. Because our inventory is constantly changing, we cannot guarantee that every combination of date and mint mark will be available in the VG+ grade. However, we attempt to honor requests for specific mint years and mint marks. Simply include any such request with your order and we shall attempt to fulfill it.

Details of Silver Peace Dollars

A contest was held to determine the designer of the Peace Dollar. The winner, Anthony de Francisci chose a younger version of Liberty for the obverse of the coin. The reverse depicts a perched bald eagle grasping an olive branch, a symbol of peace. To further the point, the word "Peace" appears beneath the eagle. The design was encouraged by the public, who wanted a theme commemorating the end of World War One.

Investing in Silver Peace Dollars

Though collectors are the main group that likes to buy Peace Silver Dollars online, investors in high-end numismatic products also take note. As it is inexpensive to buy Silver Peace Dollar coins in VG+ condition, some silver buyers invest in Peace Dollars for the silver content and numismatic value.

Buying Peace Silver Dollars Online from CBMint -- Shipping and Insurance

All numismatic items at CBMint are handled with special care. When you are finished buying Silver Peace Dollars and complete checkout, we carefully place your order in protective packaging. Due to the value of Peace Silver Dollars, insurance is provided while your order is in transit. Shipping is also free to our customers in the lower 48 US states.

Help with Buying Peace Silver Dollars Online

CBMint strives to be the best place to buy Silver Dollars online -- should you have any questions about buying Peace Silver Dollars online, we have a host of resources to assist you, such as our FAQ, an Investing Guide, a Glossary, and a detailed Product Information Page. More help can be found through our Contact Us page, through our Live Chat feature, or by calling the CBMint toll-free number at 1-866-300-0504.

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